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Here at So Good Kombucha, we believe in accountability. 

As a business we are accountable to our customers, our teams, our suppliers, our communities, and our planet.  The following principles are our values which guide how we are going to do business:

  • Great taste AND super healthy is a must, even if it means we make less profit – we believe that we have a responsibility to introduce to the UK an authentic kombucha that is super tasty.  We will continually seek out the best quality wonky* or organic, natural, allergen-free (e.g. gluten-free), ethically-sourced ingredients and brew them in generous portions in our drinks to maximise health and taste. Our costs may be higher and we might make less money, but we believe that our customers deserve the best that we can offer them!  *wonky or surplused "rescued" fruits leftover from farms, cold-pressed to preserve all nutrients, no added sugar.
  • Real GOOD, not superficial – life isn’t perfect, and either are we. With limited resource, time, and money we want to be able to focus our energy on the things that matter most to us – continuously improving our product, employing and training refugees, and becoming more sustainable and ethical each day. Our packaging may not be perfect, we might not have the right icons on our labels, our marketing might not be as slick as we’d like it to be – but they will hopefully come with time. We want to focus on what is real and what is good, even if it is unseen to the world.      
  • In all that we do, we do it with love – we continually seek ways to improve our manufacturing process to honour both our customers and our team members. We operate as safely and sustainably as possible. We want to create a work culture and environment where everyone feels valued and respected, where no forms of bullying or harassment are accepted. We are collaborative in our approach with others, and we honour each individual and organisation we come across for who they are and not what they can offer us.
  • We are a small business with a social purpose – we believe that work is GOOD, and that businesses should be a force for good. We seek to employ, train, and empower refugees and others who are marginalised in society to give them meaningful work and enable them to come out of the social benefits system. We collaborate with, and give a portion of our profits to, local charities who care for the same causes. We are a certified member of SEUK (Social Enterprise UK).

We are proud to be Good Market Approved!  See our profile at: So Good Kombucha (

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