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So Good Kombucha Glass Bottles

Dear Valued Customers, 

We wanted to let you know that we have recently experienced an issue with a manufacturing defect in a small number of our glass bottles.  In very rare cases, pressure build up within the bottles has led to the bottom of the glass bottles dropping off / shattering.

We wanted to let you know this so that if you had purchased bottles and had kept it in the fridge all this time it would be best to ensure that: 1) all bottles are being refrigerated below 5C at all times, 2) bottles are not being kept past best-before date and, 3) you are very careful when opening the bottles in case they are very fizzy (e.g. burp the bottles carefully before opening the cap).  

As you know, our drinks are unpasteurised and unfiltered which means that they are living and packed full of gut-friendly bacteria. Keeping the kombucha refrigerated at all times below 5C effectively slows down the fermentation process – but it does continue to ferment in bottle, which is what makes our drinks fizzy.   

We are working to continually tweak our recipe to slow down the in-bottle fermentation in process.  However, please do try to drink the kombucha fresh where possible and be careful when opening (in case it’s fizzy!). 

Please always consume drinks before the expiry date!

We’re a small business and learning through growing pains – thank you so much in advance for your understanding and support.

Many Thanks,

The So Good Kombucha Team

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