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 So Good Kombucha Applemary


What happens when 50,000 apples get rejected by a customer due to over ordering the product? It could either go to waste...or  if you are super creative  you put out a post on LinkedIn with the idea to collaborate with another drinks brand...and that's how (through a great prompt by the wonderful Rachel from the Swap Shop) and found ourselves talking with the team from Flawsome on how we can use their juices to create a wonderful new Kombucha blend. Flawsome! 

One of our key brand mission is to do everything we can to be Good to our planet and this absolutely falls within what we are super passionate about.

After some recipe testing and a quick turnaround we have managed to save nearly all of the apples with our new kombucha flavour:

APPLEMARY! (Wonky apples + rosemary)


We're so excited about this flavour and hope that you will enjoy it too! 

This is just one way we take action everyday to transform how we consume and manage the Earth and its resources. #worldenvironmentalday #savetherejected #nofoodwaste


We asked Lesley a few questions on the collaboration so we hope this answers any questions you might have.

Q: Lesley, why did you choose to work with Flawsome! Drinks?

A: We had known about the good work that Flawsome Drinks is doing for quite some time now, so when we heard about their mission to rescue 50,000 of apples from hitting landfill – we were immediately on board to help. Our united brand mission to do good for people and the planet resonated, so we felt passionate about helping.

Q:How does Flawsome! Apple juice compare to others?

A: After tasting the juice we were floored by the taste and qualities of these rescued apples. We wanted to create a special blend that would ENHANCE, not DISTRACT, from the wonderful natural taste of the sweet and tangy apples. 

Q: How do you create kombucha with apple juice?

A: Our process starts with our first fermentation, where we add our secret family kombucha SCOBY with a special blend of organic green & black teas and raw cane sugar. As the sugar is consumed and gut-friendly bacteria count increases, we ferment it again for the second time using the Flawsome apple juices – no additional sugar added. The sweetness of the apples works perfectly with our family recipe.

Q: Why this flavour combination?

A: We experimented with a dozen or so flavour combinations, but the winner that really jumped out was an Apple and Rosemary blend – with the rosemary being picked fresh from our garden being used in our second fermentation process. We didn’t use just ordinary dried rosemary, but picked fresh, green, young rosemary shoots that really give it that subtle yet fragrant scent – perfect in rounding off the naturally sweet and tangy flavours of this amazing Flawsome apple juice!

So Good Kombucha picking Rosemary

Q: How do I store it?

A: Once you receive your products put them in the fridge right away. They taste best cold but also this slows down the fermentation process of the kombucha. Don’t worry if they arrive a little fizzy and with sediments, this is normal - but do make sure to consume before the best-before date and try to drink it fresh where possible! Our kombucha is raw and pasteurised and therefore living and will continue to ferment in bottle!

Q: Where can I buy it?

A: We’re so excited to be collaborating with our new friends on this amazing new AppleMary flavour, which you can now purchase from our shop.

Huge thanks to our team and to our new friends from Flawsome! for allowing us to use their amazing apple juices for this collaberation! 

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