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5 reasons why you should buy local!

So Good Kombucha Buy Local

Buying Local is so good for so many reasons. At So Good kombucha we are always grateful to our customers for buying from us; going local and small, proving that local business are just as reliable and high quality as larger chains.

Here are just 5 of the reasons why you should be buying local:

  1. Boosting the local economy

By buying local you can put some love (and money) in to local businesses allowing them to grow and prosper. But it isn’t just the businesses themselves that benefit, other local services also benefit as local business are far more likely to access other local utilities such as markets and local tradesmen meaning the wealth is spread through the local economy. A study done by Visa estimated that for every £10 spent, over a third stayed in the local area.

  1. Creating local jobs

As local businesses expand and grow, they are able to higher more employees in all sorts of fields. Having local employees gives the business a better ability to know and become more actively engaged in the community. Creating jobs in the local economy also allows organisations like the JobCentre to work with companies more closely, guaranteeing jobs for those who need them.  For example, So Good Kombucha is working with the East Midlands Chamber to support the Kickstart Scheme, which allows us to employ marginalised members of our community.

  1. Local relationships

Shopping local allows you to create a relationship with the owner. With local businesses often being small, this means they’ll go out of their way to retain customers through excellent and personalised service.  So Good Kombucha has a great network of partners within Derby area and we love working with local businesses whom we know are doing great things for the community.

  1. Environmental impact

Many local businesses are becoming more dedicated to reducing waste as much as possible, as a local business this is both better for the environment. Also, by using local produce and buying from local producers, perishable items like fresh fruit and veg need to spend less time on the road, reducing food miles. Fresh foods are often more widely shipped by air, creating up to 50 times more pollution than transport by sea. By working locally, So Good Kombucha has established green bottle return centres which allows us to reuse glass bottles and reduce our environmental impact.

  1. Local businesses help local charities

Many local businesses, including ourselves, often donate to local charities and give back to the community that helps us to grow and thrive. Giving back to charities is our way of supporting the community that supports us, as well as allows people who need help get access to it. In 2020, small businesses donated over £890,000!

Want to explore more food and drink in the Derbyshire region? We would recommend local bloggers such as Molly’s blog here which is full of insights on local businesses!  

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